Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2016

Syahrini Made Hair Indonesia Accessories Order

Singer Tatum (34) told me that he never asked you please by socialite Paris Hilton world to buy hair piece (hair accessory) ever imposed by the chanter song "Something" was.

Paris, Tatum said, want the hair accessory after seeing Tatum wears accessories through photos on the account Intagram Tatum.

The accessory is the work of designer's Rinaldy Arviano accessory Yunardi.

"We've been friends for a long time. Well, the Paris that see I wear a hair piece from Rinaldy Arviano Yunardi. Keep, we Whatsapp's and she'd like to use also said, "the story of the Tatum in Grand Indonesia, Jalan Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Thursday (29/9/2016).

Gita said that Paris wanted to have accessories that to impose in an overseas event.

Gorguts directly order the accessory to the Rinaldy and ask for accessory was shipped to Paris home in the US.

"Create an event in a country where there is so much, I forgot. Keep, I've been pesenin and has been sent also to the House he's in there, "a story of the Tatum.

"(Paris) Happy no doubt, because she liked the work of older people, Indonesia's top designers, so later could top deh abroad," he said.

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